May 10th Sesquicentennial 150th Anniversary of the Golden Spike

Posted by Nancy Dalaska on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 at 8:36pm.

May 10th: Sesquicentennial 150th Anniversary of the Golden Spike

May 10, 1869.  On that day, workers and dignitaries watched the final golden spike be driven into the tracks connecting the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads at Promontory Summit, UT.

To commemorate the 150thanniversary of the Golden Spike, a month full of events and exhibits around the state has been planned.  The main festiveal will be May 10-12 at the Golden Spike National Historic Site (6200 North 22300th Street West, Corinne).  The opening ceremonth (11 am) will feature a keynote address from Presidential Scholar and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jon Meacham, who will offer his perspective on the historical significance of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

The ceremony will also include the world premiere of As One, a musical inspired by the Golden Spike era written and directed by Stephen Nelson.

A variety of activities, including historical re-enactments, performances from local artists and musicians, interactive exhibits, and more will follow the opening ceremony.

Access to the historic site will only be possible by private car or chartered bus and tickets must be purchased online in advance. Fee per vehicle is $20 on May 10 and $10 on May 11-12.  

For additional information and to purchase tickets, go to


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